for speech therapists

For whom is Dialog intended for?

Currently, Dialog is intended for speech therapists and people with aphasia that are going through speech rehabilitation with a speech therapist.

How can I start using Dialog?

Book a demo by sending an email to hello@dialog-therapy.com .

On which devices can dialog be used?

Dialog can be used on most computers as well as most mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android).

However, due to the technology requirements, the devices and operating systems should be sufficiently recent and up-to-date.

Which internet browser should I use?

We recommend that you use an updated version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge browser. Make sure to update your internet browser regularly to ensure compatibility.

Do I have to log in every time I want to use Dialog?

No. Dialog will store a cookie in your browser that logs you in automatically for 30 days after you have signed in. 

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