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Speech therapy for everyone

Are you a speech therapist and want to start using Dialog?

Speech and language training for everyone

Are you a speech therapist and want to start using Dialog?

What is Dialog?

Dialog is a digital platform for speech and language training. Created alongside speech and language therapists, it aims to ensure optimal home training for parents, children, and people with aphasia.

Plan and adapt home speech and language training to each individual's requirements. As a speech therapist, Dialog provides you with full oversight of home training. For parents and relatives, it offers a clear framework and assurance to thrive in their supportive roles.

Our platform provides a varied exercise library created together with experienced speech therapists.

With Dialog, you can practice through several different exercise formats, including:

Speech exercises

Speech exercises with speech recognition technology for instantaneous feedback, providing the possibility to improve clarity and articulation.

Writing exercises

Writing exercises that provide the opportunity to enhance and strengthen written communication skills.

Reading exercises

Reading exercises aimed at developing and improving reading proficiency and speed.

Listening exercises

Listening exercises aimed at improving listening understanding.

Chatbot! Coming soon

Through an ongoing project we have developed a chatbot for dynamic conversation training. We are superexcited to announce that the Beta version of this functionality is currently being integrated into into our main offering! 

How it works - Parents and children

Speech Therapist

Most speech therapy happens at home, where quality and consistency can be a challenge. Dialog helps both Speech therapist and parents support their child’s progress, ensuring that training is fun and consistent between sessions.

Easy administration

Dialog makes it easy to hand out information and assign exercises to parents. Create training plans that are simple for parents to follow over time.

Cover the needs

Choose from and schedule exercises created by experienced SLPs. Vocabulary, grammar, storytelling and pronunciation. Adjust the difficulty level and use speech recognition to enhance learning.

Effective workflow by monitoring

Curious about progress? Monitor how well parents and children are doing. Use these insights to prepare for the next session or follow up through video meetings.

Child and parent

Dialog provides access to a structured and engaging plan that fits into busy schedules. The exercises are fun and appropriately challenging, keeping both parents and children motivated. As a parent your SLP will grant you access to Dialog.

Accessible and sustainable practice

Access training whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Dialog integrates practice into daily life.

Enhance Quality and Independence

Increase the quality and amount of independent training through validated and structured exercises for all needs.


Get real-time feedback on your childs progress.

How it works - Person with aphasia

Speech Therapist

By eliminating reliance on traditional paper-based exercises, our platform not only saves time but also empowers speech therapists to provide patients with quality home training.


Give your patient access to exercises covering all modalities like speaking, writing, listening and reading.


Select and schedule exercises and assign them to your patients.


Monitor patient progress and performance

Person with aphasia

Are you living with aphasia? Practice with language exercises anytime and anywhere with Dialog. Our platform offers exercises for language rehabilitation that are both versatile, challenging and can be adapted to individual needs.

Practice anywhere

Do exercises anywhere, anytime

Increase training volume

Increase the amount of independent language training with varied exercises.


Get real-time feedback on your progress.

Supported languages



English (UK)

English (US)

Who is Dialog for?

Dialog is a tool for speech and language therapists (SLPs), children with language difficulties and their parents, and people with aphasia. As a parent, relative, or person with aphasia, your access to Dialog is always granted through your SLP.

Speech therapist

As a speech therapist, you have the ability to create, assign and customize exercises according to your patients' unique needs. In addition, Dialog opens up for the speech therapist to easily monitor and gain insight into which home tasks have been performed between sessions.  

Start using Dialog today to streamline and improve home-based language training for you and your patients.

Parents and children

As a parent of a child with language difficulties, you can utilize Dialog to practice with your child. Avoid keeping track of pen and paper tasks, and get customized exercises that fit your child's current level assigned by your SLP.

Get more accessible information on what home training to do, and increase the volume of training with gamified, motivating and interactive exercises that you and your child do together.


For people living with aphasia, training with Dialog can be done independently or with the help of a relative or caregiver. Our platform offers interactive and engaging language exercises that are versatile, challenging and can be adapted to individual needs.

No need for paper and pencil. After your visit, your SLP can assign and schedule home exercises for you through Dialog, convenient and easy for both you and your SLP. Increase your training volume with language exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere.


Individual therapist


1 speech therapist account

5 patient accounts for home practice

Unlimited access to exercises for all patients

Clinic or school?

Contact us

Contact us to set up a demo of Dialog and provide details about your needs to get a price proposal.

What do our users and the professional community say?

Finally something other than pen and paper! Dialog platform is easy to use and encourages independent practice.

Paula Nylander

Speech therapist, Terapiapalvelut Paula Nylander

Dialog has decreased my workload and made it easier and nicer to plan my patient work. It has given me consistency and a clear framework for working with my patients.

Anni Hartama

Speech therapist, HLSFondo

Many of my patients appreciate the opportunity to exercise at home with individualized exercises. The intensive form of treatment also makes it possible for speech therapists in primary care to follow the stroke treatment guidelines to a greater extent. Through Dialog, speech therapists can access exercises that other speech therapists have designed; a large basis for treatment. Relatives or assistants also get the opportunity to participate in the treatment and be able to support and help the patient.

Anja Gamrell

Speech therapist, Logopedmottagningen Gärdet, Region Stockholm

The team behind Dialog is combining technical knowledge with an understanding of how to create effective language training. They have great potential to create a much-desired tool for people with aphasia.

Kajsa Söderhielm

Specialist speech therapist, Karolinska institutet, VP at Svenska Logopedförbundet

Meet our customers

Dialog is currently used by several speech therapist in both Finland and Sweden.

Contact us

Contact us for a demo or trial period of Dialog. We also welcome any questions, thoughts, or ideas about the tool!

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The team

Filippa Kärrfelt

Founder, CEO

Mikael Törnwall

Founder, Product

Magnus Loo

Founder, Sales and Business Development

Isak Pettersson

Founder, Tech

Lina Persson

UX Design

Funding and support from

Are you a speech therapist and want to start using Dialog?

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Supported languages



English (UK)

English (US)