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What is Dialog?

Dialog is an innovative platform specifically designed for speech therapists and people living with aphasia. With Dialog, you can provide language exercises that your patients can do anywhere and anytime.

Our platform provides an exercise library and an exercise builder with various exercise formats including:

  • Speech exercises with speech recognition technology for instantaneous feedback to improve clarity and articulation
  • Writing exercises for honing written communication skills
  • Reading exercises to enhance comprehension and reading speed
  • Listening exercises to improve understanding spoken language

As a speech therapist, you have the flexibility to create and customize exercises according to your patients' unique needs. Furthermore, Dialog fosters a collaborative community for speech therapists, allowing you to seamlessly share your own exercises with fellow speech therapists and benefit from exercises crafted by others.

Join the Dialog community today to streamline and improve home-based language training for people with aphasia.

How Dialog works

Speech Therapist

By eliminating reliance on traditional paper-based exercises, our platform not only saves time but also empowers speech therapists to develop personalized speech, language, and cognitive therapy homework exercises.


Create new exercises or use existing ones created by you and other professionals


Select and schedule exercises for your patients


Monitor patient progress and performance

Person with aphasia

Are you living with aphasia? Practice with language exercises anytime and anywhere with Dialog. Our platform offers exercises for language training that are both versatile, challenging and can be adapted to individual needs.


Do exercises anywhere, anytime


Increase the amount of independent language training with varied exercises


Get real-time feedback on your progress

Why speech therapy?

The importance of speech therapy for people with aphasia cannot be overstated. It serves as a cornerstone in helping individuals with aphasia regaining their ability to communicate effectively. Through targeted interventions and techniques, speech therapists can address specific language impairments and work towards improving language production and comprehension. By improving communication abilities it empowers individuals to actively participate in social interactions, maintain relationships, and engage in meaningful activities.

Dialog was created to enable a personalized and adaptable approach to speech therapy where individuals receive tailored interventions that suit their unique needs, promoting their overall well-being and enhancing their quality of life.

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Filippa Kärrfelt
Mikael Törnwall
Isak Pettersson


We are working closely with the research community to improve and validate our solution.

Monica Blom Johansson
Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer
Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Speech-Language Pathology
Uppsala University

Expert Consultants

The Dialog platform would not have been possible without the valuable help from the speech therapist community. From early on we have received help and guidance from experienced professionals.

Anna Noutere
Speech Therapist
Paula Nylander
Speech Therapist
Terapiapalvelut Paula Nylander

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